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Release Notes

Version 0.70 (Chicago)

Released on September 12th, 2023

This release is a big one! Version 0.70 (Chicago) focuses on performance, interaction, and interoperability.

  • Performance: Loading the app itself and remote data layers is over 70% faster! This was accomplished through slimming down the app bundle and incorporating optimizations to the compression and transmission of optimized Parquet remote data sources. You can now query 1GB+ remote .parquet files, and Honeycomb will use HTTP Range queries to only select the data needed.

  • Interaction: Tooltips are here! By hovering over a hexagon or place on the map, you can see statistics aggregated for this place directly under the cursor. This feature was highly requested and is designed to make it more intuitive to understand values across different places.

  • Interoperability: Honeycomb now supports iframe embedding, which can be programatically styled using URL Parameters and Config Files. There's also a fullscreen mode, which lets you minimize the sidebars for a better view of the map!

  • Other updates:

    • The layer resolution can be modified by clicking on the new settings icon on the left sidebar. 'High' layer resolution will display more hexagons on your screen, letting you see your analysis in more detail.
    • Tooltips can be disabled with the new settings menu
    • Support for parquet datasets with multiple partitions and files

In addition, we are officially launching this new documentation site,, alongside the 0.70 update 🎉.

Enjoy, and happy mapping!

-The Honeycomb Team